Awe and Reverence (A&R) is a software company dedicated to build a God-glorifying, for-profit (read: sustainable), for-Kingdom benefit, cutting-edge Christian software company.

In pursuit of that, our founder (Jonathan Tsai) started an apprenticeship program at A&R to train aspiring Christian software engineers to equip them with tangible skills to succeed in their craft. In the SF Bay Area, there is an ever-increasing number of people coming out of coding bootcamps trying to transition into software roles from other industries, but unfortunately, that train has left about 3-4 years ago (circa 2015) where companies might give these bootcamp grads a chance; many people are now struggling to find employment after these bootcamps.

Jonathan has mentored dozens of engineers over the years, and through the Maskil apprenticeship has provided a post-bootcamp onboarding experience for more junior engineers to get real world, collaborative, team experience. Several of them have gone on to full-time software engineering roles and are junior, mid-level, and senior-level engineers at household-name tech companies.

Not only will you gain invaluable experience, you’ll also be paid for your work! Each feature/task will have a bounty with a dollar amount associated with it. The larger the feature/task, the larger the bounty. We don’t believe in muzzling the ox here.


Born again Christian that is FAT!

F – Faithful
A – Available
T – Teachable


The first project that A&R has been focused on is called Maskil; envisioned to be the FIRST EVER digital hymnal and worship study Bible. (Imagine every worship song, every language, with (Rap)Genius-style inline annotations and two-way links to Bible passages). Currently Maskil has over 1000 songs in English, 650+ songs in Korean, and growing!.

We have a feature roadmap planned out for years. You will be working collaboratively with a small team of engineers. Some of the technologies you will learn and be exposed to include:

  • Django
  • React
  • MySQL
  • Git Workflow